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Canada legalized marijuana, and Ontario’s marijuana rules are pretty much in line with the national laws. Right now, people 19 years or older can buy, carry, and consume medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Consumers are limited to carrying 30 grams at a time – that’s roughly sixty joints.

It is legal to consume marijuana in private residences, some outdoor public spaces, designated smoking areas, residential vehicles and boats (as long as you’re not operating them at the same time), research labs, and other specifically designated consumption areas. It is still illegal to use marijuana in common indoor spaces, enclosed public spaces, schools or other places children gather, hospitals and hospice providers, publicly owned areas, and other outdoor spaces where people gather close to one another like bus stops. Ontario has a stiff penalty for impaired driving.

Different Ways to Smoke and Consume Marijuana

When it comes to marijuana, the second most important decision after picking the flower is choosing the delivery method. Most users have only tried one or two ways. As marijuana becomes more and more common, people choose to hone in their physical and mental marijuana benefits. Different methods of marijuana consumption will provide unique experiences and offer varying effects.


Inhalation Delivery Methods

When marijuana is inhaled, the bloodstream absorbs the gases through the lungs. This method creates the most direct high. The two most prevalent ways to inhale are smoking and vaporization. There are many different ways to smoke marijuana, but with the advancement of vaporization technology, many people choose to inhale marijuana in an alternative method with fewer health concerns.

Marijuana smokers have many ways to use marijuana, including hand pipes, water pipes, and rolling papers.
Hand Pipes are most likely the most used for smoking marijuana. Hand pipes are small, portable, and easy to use. Hand pipes can also be highly artistic and available in different creative forms, both for functionality and decoration. Hand pipes work when you trap the smoke from burning the marijuana and then inhale the smoke.

Water pipes are more commonly thought of as bongs and bubblers. Like hand pipes, water pipes come in varying sizes and designs, but they always have an element of water. Users burn the marijuana, and then the smoke passes through the water and is inhaled. The water has a cooling effect, and the water may act as a filter.

Rolling papers are used to smoke joints or blunts. Joints are marijuana rolled up in paper. The papers are mainly made from hemp, rice, or bamboo. Blunts are marijuana rolled up in cigar paper. Cigar paper is made from the tobacco plant and contains nicotine. Users that smoke blunts tend to like the flavour and the combined effects of marijuana and nicotine. Smoking nicotine causes increased health risks that can deter marijuana users.

Using vaporizers is another way to inhale marijuana. A vaporizer heats the marijuana flower to a high temperature to extract the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. But the temperature is too low to release the potentially harmful toxins that are released when burning the marijuana with fire. Vaporizers significantly reduce the odour of marijuana. Some vaporizers use marijuana concentrates from oils and wax


Oral Delivery Methods.

Marijuana doesn’t have to be smoked or vaporized; it can also be consumed orally. This includes tinctures, oils, and infused foods and drinks. Many people assume that when you deliver marijuana orally, it is processed through the digestive system and released into the body. But tinctures are absorbed into the bloodstream from the mouth.

Tinctures are liquid marijuana extract. They are used by people interested in having dosage control and want fast-acting effects without the health risks of smoking. You place 3 – 4 drops of marijuana tincture under the tongue, and it’s absorbed into the body instead of swallowing and having the tincture be digested and absorbed. You can ingest tinctures, but you’ll lose the dosage control and fast-acting effects due to different amounts of food you’ve eaten, and you’ll need to wait for the tincture to be processed through the liver.

Ingestible oils are the happy compromise between concentrates and edibles. You swallow and digest the oil like an edible, but it’s consistent like a concentrate.

Edibles are eating marijuana-infused foods or drinks. Edibles tend to have a more prolonged onset due to being delivered through the digestive system. Marijuana edibles also tend to have more intense full-body, psychoactive reactions. Edibles are made in a variety of ways. Often the marijuana is infused with an ingredient high in fat, like butter. You can also add tinctures to dishes and drinks for dosage control. Cooking with marijuana flowers can be difficult because cannabinoid activation is sensitive to heat. And still, as edibles grow in popularity, we’ll see marijuana used in the kitchen more and more.

Topical Delivery Methods

Topical marijuana, usually found in thick oil products, is best for consumers needing a clear head and localized body relief, like relieving aches and pains.

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