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CannaBee Delivery’s vision is to provide outstanding marijuana quality to Etobicoke and the GTA. We provide fantastic customer service and want you to see the value in everything you buy from CannaBee. We promise you’ll land on a cloud with every marijuana delivery.

CannaBee Delivery’s approach is to source the purest buds available and constantly strive for customer satisfaction. Our company exists to revolutionize the cannabis industry with quality marijuana and superior services that meet the needs of the ever-changing cannabis market in Canada.

CannaBee Delivery’s brand, vision, approach, and mission start with professionalism. Professionalism with our discreet packaging for your marijuana deliveries. The professionalism provided in offering quality marijuana flowers and products. Professionalism in prompt customer service. CannaBee is a reputable company that you can trust for your marijuana delivery today and your future orders. Ordering your marijuana from CannaBee supports local craft farmers.

CannaBee Products

CannaBee offers all of your Marijuana products, gear, and more! Our products include:

  • Flower – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid
  • Mushrooms – Chocolates and Gummies
  • Edibles – Monopoleaf, Stoner Patch Dummies, Stoney Patch, Airbeads Gummies, Kush Kitchen, Cannaburst Gummies, Dank Gummies, Infused Gushers, Starburst Gummies, Jolly Rancher Gummies, Trolli, Fat Boy Gummies, Buudabomb, Euphoria Extractions, Faded, Elements, Kush Kitchen – Tinctures, Millies, Pixieplums.
  • Concentrates – Hash, Shatter, Resin, Distillates, Diamond Sauce.
  • Vapes – Buzzed Extracts, Elements, Faded.
  • Papers – Raw Papers King Size, Raw Tips, Raw Classic

What are Marijuana Concentrates and How to You Consume Them?

Marijuana concentrates come in a variety of forms

What are concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates are the final product when you distill down all the most desirable parts of the flower. Concentrates contain the cannabinoids and the terpenes of the marijuana flower with none of the excess plant material. THC and CBD are the cannabinoids found in marijuana flowers. Terpenes are the aromas and flavours found in the marijuana flower. Combined, cannabinoids and terpenes are responsible for the effects you experience when using marijuana concentrates. You can see the cannabinoids and terpenes when you look at the marijuana flower. They are small, sparkly structures particularly noticeable on the flower buds. Marijuana concentrates are a condensed accumulation of these sparkly structures.
Marijuana concentrates allow you to experience marijuana in a magnitude of ways. They come in varying textures and can be consumed in multiple ways. You can consume them on their own, add them to a joint to increase the potency, or add them to your cooking when baking edibles.

Many marijuana users dab concentrate. Dabbing is the process of heating the concentrate until it vaporizes and then inhaling the high potent vapour. Because many people use concentrates in this process, some people call concentrates dabs. But this is not the only way you can consume marijuana concentrate. Marijuana concentrate can also be experienced using vape pens, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more.

Adding marijuana concentrate to your hand pipes or joints is a simple way to up the potency of your marijuana use. It also adds a bit more flavour from the concentrate.

Pre-filled vape pens are a discreet way of using marijuana concentrate. It’s also portable and efficient. The high isn’t as high as dabbing, but the onset is almost immediate.

If you want a long-lasting, smoke-free concentrate high – eat an edible. There’s no special equipment, and it’s straightforward for new users to try. The most significant difference between inhaling a marijuana concentrate and eating a marijuana concentrate is the onset time. An edible can take a couple of hours before you start to feel the marijuana effects.

Marijuana concentrates are also found in topicals. When applied topically, targeted relief is used without the head high.

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CannaBee is your premium marijuana delivery service in Etobicoke and the GTA. We offer top-notch support, exquisite collection, quick delivery, and secure payments. The CannaBee Shop offers buds, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. CannaBee delivers Shrooms, Hybrid Weed, Indica Weed, and Sativa Weed.Getting started is easy. Simply sign up on our website, shop, and smoke. CannaBee offers a same-day weed delivery service. We also provide express mailing for all of Canada. Our flat-rate express mailing fee makes it easy for you to get quality products straight to your doorstep.

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