Cannabis Delivery in Niagara Falls

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Cannabis Delivery in Niagara Falls

Cannabis use is on the rise here in Canada. Dispensaries are opening up daily, more and more people are growing their cannabis plants, and cannabis delivery services are faster, more affordable, and more discreet than ever.  

CannaBee wants you to be able to enjoy your favourite strains daily. We believe cannabis should be available for everyone – medical and recreational. We strive to provide the people of Niagara Falls with the best possible cannabis products while partnering with the highest quality cannabis growers. 

Having cannabis delivered directly to your home can be perceived as pricey, but CannaBee is changing the game on cannabis delivery. It’s our priority to provide the best quality cannabis at the most affordable rate in Niagara Falls. Our delivery service is both fast and discreet. You have your purchases delivered to your front door right when you need them. We understand all of the fantastic health properties smoking or ingesting cannabis can bring, and still, there’s a stigma around using cannabis products. Our delivery service is discreet so you can avoid the judgmental looks and whispers from your neighbours. CannaBee offers a fast and discreet cannabis delivery service on which you can rely. 


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cannabis Delivery Service

When choosing your delivery service provider, the options are endless. There are over 2000 cannabis stores open in Canada right now, and the number is growing daily. So how do you know whom to choose from? What are you looking for in a cannabis delivery service? Where do you start?

  • Selection of Products – It’s very convenient to buy all your products and gear from the same place, especially since most stores will offer free delivery over a certain purchase amount. CannaBee offers flowers, shrooms, edibles, concentrates, vapes, CBD, and gear to smoke and consume all of our cannabis products. You’ll save time by placing your all-in-one order and save money. When you spend over $100, you receive free delivery in Niagara Falls. 
  • Customer Reviews are Critical – Ask your friends and family which dispensary they trust and which is their favourite. Always check out the dispensary’s social media account for comments and read through the blog posts to see what kind of customer service you should expect. 
  • Delivery Details Matter – CannaBee offers the GTA same-day cannabis delivery. Our flat-rate express mailing fee makes it easy and fast for you to get quality cannabis products right to your doorstep – Canada-wide!
  • Check Out the Website – Can you tell a book by its cover? Check out the details on the website. You should be able to see clear pictures and prices easily. CannaBee offers clear categories at the top of our website. Registering is easy, so you can get to shopping and have your favourite products delivered to your home today!

Cannabis Strains

There are many varieties and sub-species of Cannabis. Farmers and growers have been breeding different types of cannabis to create certain characteristics and specific strains and hybrids. Every strain has a different concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Each plant has a particular look, taste, and effect on the consumer.

Here are a few of the most popular types of cannabis strains.
Acapulco Gold – This strain comes from Acapulco, Mexico and is well known and is a sought-after strain of cannabis. It’s known to be energizing, reducing fatigue, stress, and even pain.
Blue Dream – This cannabis strain is soothing and relaxing. It doesn’t make you sleepy; instead, it helps reduce inflammation, cramps, and pain.
Purple Kush – This strain is well known for creating a state of bliss. You’ll feel happy and relaxed. It has sedating effects and can be used to help those who have insomnia.


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CannaBee is your premium cannabis delivery service in Ontario. We offer top-notch support, exquisite collection, quick delivery, and secure payments. The CannaBee Shop offers buds, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. CannaBee delivers Shrooms, Hybrid Weed, Indica Weed, and Sativa Weed. 

Getting started is easy. Simply sign up on our website, shop, and smoke. CannaBee offers a same-day weed delivery service. We also provide express mailing for all of Canada. Our flat-rate express mailing fee makes it easy for you to get quality products straight to your doorstep. 

Register on our website or send us a text at (416) 856 – 0563 and shop today!